A new age is upon us. Ready?

Across the whole wide world there are increasing numbers of us reaching the same conclusion. We actually have had a cabal of psychopaths steering the trajectory of human history, and this intra-species enemy has been tampering with the human’s capacity for conscience. More than ever, we need a shift in paradigms. After all, it is conscience that distinguishes Homo sapiens sapiens from the psychopaths among us.

About Sheila L. Banks

Sheila Lillian Banks, a retired social worker, was a staunch atheist until she had a spiritual awakening on February 14, 1997. This event, actually a mystical union, prompted her to do an extensive literature review of both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions.

Since that encounter with The Almighty, Sheila has worked to put into words insights that come to her. Thus far, her crossings into the contemplative realm have resulted in a collection of poems and essays, some of which are in her first book. Her more recent work is posted on her blog, and some of the essays there have been turned into short engaging videos.