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Journeying into the Mystic

I did not set out to become a mystic. I was never among those New Agers actively seeking to transform consciousness through meditation or yoga……..

However, the skepticism that I had held about religion did little to prevent the occurrence of my spiritual awakening. Without my consent, transformations were brewing within me. An inner mandate had been tugging at my soul…… At the time of my awakening, I did not know that humankind is on the brink of profound transformations in consciousness. Nor did I understand much about the human’s potential for enlightenment. You too may be unacquainted with the whole story. Nevertheless, right now, you could be undergoing, knowingly or unknowingly, changes that are similar to what happened to me….. However, I hope that some of my insights into this spiritual “hatching” process can help you along on your journey.

But my wish for this book does not end there. My main intention is to put into language the shift that has occurred in my thinking. I hesitate to refer to this alteration as a “paradigm shift” because this term has been haphazardly applied to all kinds of changes …. We must be clear that an actual paradigm shift will produce radical changes in our basic unstated assumptions and understandings.

I believe that Thoughts From A Contemplative Beast speaks to just such a shift—a new paradigm with adaptive value for the human species. For this reason, this book is intended for all human beings.

I first became aware of the metamorphosis that thad been percolating within me when I unexpectedly had an out-of-body experience. ………